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In a recent efficacy study, our anterior cervical plate showed a 46% improvement in bone growth, and a superior rate and quality of fusion over the commonly used dynamic plate.  The results of this study were published in The Spine Journal and can be seen here.

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Dr. Darryl J. DiRiso

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  • Biomedical engineer with 15+ years experience in modeling, design, and spine biomechanics.
  • Over 20 peer-reviewed presentations and publications.
  • Expertise in CAD & manufacturing, mechanics, engineering reliability, and design.
  • Biomedical engineer with 20 years experience in medical device design and spine biomechanics research.
  • Orthopaedic device consultant for 15+ years.
  • Associate Professor, Dept. of Biomedical Engineering, RPI.
  • Over 150 peer-reviewed presentations and publications.

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The proprietary design increases value while decreasing the costs associated with spinal fusion.

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Chief Medical Officer

​​ReVivo Medical  was founded in 2011 by Darryl J. DiRisio, MD; Glenn P. Sanders, Ph.D.; and Eric H. Ledet, Ph.D.

From their extensive experience gained in the operating room and through thousands of hours in the research laboratory, they identified the substantial need to improve spinal fusion for all stakeholders.

ReVivo Medical’s products enhance treatments for back, neck, and spine-related pain through thoroughly tested, innovative designs that improve patient outcomes, reduce surgical complications, and decrease costs. ReVivo’s  initial family of products targets the $5 billion spinal fusion market.

Our implants eliminate redundant steps of the surgical process, leading to improved surgeon productivity and hospital efficiency.

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Dr. Eric H. Ledet

ReVivo’s innovative flagship product-line for the spinal fusion market offers competitive advantages to the patient, surgeon, hospital, and healthcare system.

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Meet our Founders

Since 2011, ReVivo Medical's mission has been to improve treatments for back, neck, and spine-related pain.

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The initial products are strategically designed to enhance visibility during surgery and eliminate some of the most common complications.

Dr. Glenn P. Sanders
  • Board certified attending neurological spine surgeon.
  • Professor, Division of Neurosurgery, The Albany Medical College.
  • 250 to 300 complex spinal reconstruction cases per year.
  • Over 50 publications in peer-reviewed journals, mostly in the area of complex spinal surgery.

ReVivo has been issued four patents that broadly protect our elastic micro-motion technology and unique design features.  In addition, fourteen US and international patents are pending, covering a wide spectrum of devices and instrumentation.  The issued patents can be viewed by clicking on the following: US 9,510,871; US 9,788,864; US 9,795,414; US 9,861,392

Our implants leverage the basic science and understanding of spinal fusions for faster and better fusion.

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About the Company

  • 35 years of business experience: managing & growing start-up companies; investing venture funds; consulting; M&A; and corporate strategy.
  • Founding CEO Plug Power. Formed and grew company to 500 employees. IPO led by Goldman Sachs. Recipient of multiple gov’t grants.

Biomedical Acceleration and Commercialization Center (BACC)
Albany Medical College
43 New Scotland Avenue  (MC 25)
Albany, NY 12208

Email:  info@revivomedical.com

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